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Badges for Learning

Started Nov 18, 2015
12 credits

Spots remaining: 19


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Course Details

Duration:  5 self-paced modules

Commitment: 3 hours per module

Course Type: Self-Paced

Credits Awarded Upon Completion: 1, Option 2

Course Overview

Are you looking to gamify your Canvas course? Do you want to award badges to students who complete online learning objectives? This professional development course will lead you through a Canvas course that uses badges to reward students who complete tasks assigned in a Canvas course. You will also learn all of the necessary steps needed to create badges in your own courses. Throughout the course we will discuss gamification to enhance learning as well as share additional ideas to add engage students online. This course uses Canvabadges as the badge awarding platform.


This is an open online course that is self-paced. Students who enroll can examine course materials to focus on the areas that interest them, or work to complete all curricular units.

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