Faculty Interest: Life on a Boat

Started Nov 19, 2015
4 credits

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Duration:  NA

Commitment: 2 hours

Course Type: Self-Paced

Credits Awarded Upon Completion: None

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You learn a lot living on a boat. But it's not for everyone.  This course is designed to help those of you exploring the idea of life on a boat better understand what you might encounter.  If it is for you, you'll walk away with a thorough understanding of all that you must do to maintain a happy and safe home life on a boat.  You will learn to live very frugal, yet very-very well. 


This is an open online course that is self-paced. Students who enroll can examine course materials to focus on the areas that interest them, or work to complete all curricular units.

There are no assignments and no assessments in this informative course.

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