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How to Use Open Educational Resources (OER)

Started Apr 5, 2016

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Course Details

Duration: 6 Weeks

Commitment: 5 Hours per week (suggested)

Course Type: Self-paced

Credits Awarded Upon Completion: 3, Option 5

Course Overview

The course will cover the fundamental aspects of OER including open licensing and public domain. It focuses on providing practical guidance in locating and applying openly available resources. It is expected that upon completion of this course participants will be able to (1) Describe the meaning of open educational resources, (2) Differentiate the concepts of open licensing, public domain, and all rights reserved copyrights, (3) Identify resources that are openly licensed or in the public domain, (4) Distinguish the different types of Creative Commons licenses, (5) License works using a Creative Commons license, and (6) Find open educational resources and properly attribute a work offered under a Creative Commons license.


This is an online course that is self-paced. Students who enroll can examine course materials to focus on the areas that interest them, or work to complete all curricular units.